Present documents, 3D objects or tiny objects easily.


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ELMO Visualisers

Visualisers are a proven teaching tool in today’s classrooms that have the ability to connect to virtually any projector, interactive flat panel display, interactive whiteboard, PC monitor or TV screen, enabling teachers to display documents, 3D objects or tiny objects with superb clarity.

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Present large and
clear images

Big pictures do fascinate. ELMO visualisers enable you to view worksheets, maps from an atlas, 3D objects or to view objects through a microscope – everything is shown by the projector in large format. All students will be able to see what is being projected from anywhere in the classroom, allowing you to grab students’ attention more easily and effectively reduce your lesson preparation time. (Depending on the model)

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& cost effective

All you need is a worksheet, a book, an atlas or anything else to show. There is no need for time-consuming photo copies. In addition to a simple preparation you save time and resources.

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Easy to set up & ready
for immediate use

Simply turn on the ELMO visualiser and connect it to any output device. Immediately you are ready to deliver an engaging presentation. The PC-free feature allows you to deliver an interactive presentation without extra preparation time.

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Versatile in
practical use

Connect your ELMO either directly to a projector or combine it with a computer. There are two possibilities for such a connection. You can loop the computer image through the ELMO. With this set-up it is possible to switch between the live image of the ELMO and your computer screen via a button on the visualiser. Or you connect your ELMO via USB-cable to your PC and work with the software ELMO Interactive Toolbox for additional functions. Choose your way to work with ELMO.

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Explore new

Record a chemical reaction during lesson for and share it with your students later. Use one microscope with the whole class and show everything in a large format. Let your students present their homework and projects. There are endless ways to use a visualiser and a projector in class.

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ELMO Visualisers

ELMO Visualisers Models



Designed primarily for use in meeting rooms and lecture halls with upscale amenities.



One of the best selling visualisers with improved connectivity and usability.



Super slim and light weight, bring it anywhere and everywhere.



Designed especially for use in meeting rooms and lecture theaters.

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Powered by Android and compatible with Education Softwares.



Entry USB model in flexible installation



One of the best selling visualisers with improved connectivity and usability.



Powered by Android and has wireless connection to Miracast Compatible Display Device.

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