Protective Landscapes

Protective Landscapes 

All of our perimeter security bollards have been crash tested to IWA, ASTM and PAS68 standards, meaning you can depend on our products to help secure your site. We have a range of unique bollards including automatic or manual operation. We also supply static bollards.

The Rhinoguard™ 15/30 bollard is an innovative product that protects against the risk of a hostile vehicle attack in public spaces. It's the ideal choice for projects which have protective countermeasure specifications. The 15/30 bollard can withstand vehicle speeds of up to 30mph from a 1.5 tonne saloon car, with crash tests resulting in the complete immobilisation of the vehicle, eliminating any chance of a second attack.

Rhinoguard 25/40 Protective Bollard

Able to withstand the force of a 2.5-tonne vehicle driving at 40mph, the Rhinoguard™ 25/40 protective bollard system is an excellent choice for protecting public spaces. The steel core is set into reinforced concrete foundations and 1000mm into the ground – providing the ultimate resistance to vehicular attack. The 25/40 model has been successfully crash-tested in accordance with the BSI PAS 68 standard, rendering test vehicles immobile on collision. The bollards are not only strong enough to withstand the force of a hostile vehicle but they are also an attractive and cost-effective solution, with a choice of sleeves available to cover the certified steel core.  

Rhinoguard 35/30 Protective Bollard

The Rhinoguard™ 35/30 protective bollard is an effective solution for designers looking to implement an attractive, protective barrier in public spaces. The design is available either as a static bollard or with featured hand-operated lift assist for areas that still require vehicle access. The lift assist design weighs 20kg and features a gas spring, which enables easier lowering of the bollard for permitted vehicular access. 

Rhinoguard 72/50 Protective Bollard

The RhinoGuard™ 72/50 Shallow Mount Protective Bollard has proven levels of safety performance. Capable of withstanding the impact of a 7.2 tonne two axle rigid N2 lorry travelling at 50mph, it provides an effective shield for critical infrastructure, protecting both people and buildings. 

Rhinoguard 75/30 Protective Bollard

The RhinoGuard PAS68 75/30 bollard provides maximum protection with minimal excavation. It is particularly suited to sites that require counter-terrorism protection but where excavation is limited due to underground utilities or cramped building foundations. With a core diameter of 194mm and a foundation depth of 152mm, the bollard meets the requirements of BSI PAS68 and is designed to withstand the impact of a fully laden 7.5 tonne two axle rigid N2 lorry travelling at 30mph.

Rhinoguard 75/40 Protective Bollard

With RhinoGuard technology built into the core, the 75/40 Protective Bollard has been successfully crash tested in accordance with the BSI PAS 68 standard.

The bollard allows designers to create effective hostile vehicle mitigation measures within their schemes. It is suitable for high-risk applications and for sites with a sufficient stand-off distance between the bollard and the area it is protecting.

Rhinoguard 75/50 Protective Bollard

Add an effective vehicle protection measure to your urban project with RhinoGuard™ 75/50 Protective Bollards. The crash tested RhinoGuard™ technology built into the bollard’s core provides a high level of protection in locations where large vehicles capable of carrying out high energy attacks are able to reach high speeds.  

Rhinoguard EOS Protective Seat

A great innovation in street furniture, the multipurpose RhinoGuard Protective EOS seat combines form, function and strength - offering not just a great seating solution, but also security and resilience for the area.

The seat has been crash-tested with a 7.5 tonne lorry travelling at 30mph, but the EOS design and other elements mean the structure has visual appeal as well as extreme strength.

Rhinoguard Geo Protective Bollard

Designed to withstand impact from vehicles, the GEO Protective Bollard features integrated RhinoGuard™ technology while reflecting the best aspects of the standard GEO range.The GEO 'shadow gap' design theme continues throughout the product range to enhance the sense of place and identity. This enables a consistent project signature to be established and helps minimise visual clutter, while protecting people, places and infrastructure.The bollard has a RhinoGuard PAS 68 core for a high level of perimeter protection. 

Rhinoguard Giove Protective Planter

Fitted with Marshalls’ innovative RhinoGuard technology, the RhinoGuard Giove Protective Planter offers a PAS-tested security solution that is both robust and aesthetically appealing. 

Allowing for the introduction of plants to an urban environment, as well as protecting from the risk of hostile vehicular attacks, the planter features a large 1,244 litre capacity designed to accommodate the root ball of a tree.

Rhinoguard Igneo Protective Seat

Vehicular-borne threats are a reality in many modern urban environments, and the RhinoGuard Igneo Protective Seat offers safety and security combined with subtle visual appeal.Crash tested in accordance with PAS 68 – it has withstood a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 40mph - the Igneo is a modular system that can be extended to the length you require, and is available in 4 colours.

Rhinoguard Geo Protective Cycle Stand

The Geo PAS 68 Cycle Stand is an alternative form of protection to a line of heavy bollards. Integrating crash tested protective technology into cycle parking can help to minimise street clutter and maintain the aesthetics of a public space.

An outer body of shot-peened 316 stainless steel provides a high quality finish.


Rhinoguard Geo Protective Litter Bin

The Geo PAS 68 Bin offers a high level of hidden security against vehicular attack without compromising contemporary design or generating a sense of concern for the general public.

The RhinoGuard PAS 68 core within the bollard section guarantees a high standard of perimeter protection and comes in both Ø 140mm & Ø 204mm depending on the level of protection required.

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