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Anti-Vehicle Fence

Anti-Vehicle Fence


Bristorm Zero is the latest high performance Anti-Ram crash (HVM) rated security barrier/fence from Hill & Smith Ltd. It is fully tested and rated to ASTM F2656 M50 P1 meaning it offers zero penetration by the attacking vehicle, travelling at speeds up to 50 mph. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, its quality and high performance can be relied upon to protect your valuable site and asset.


The renowned Bristorm Anti-Vehicle Fence consists of an arrangement of high tensile steel ropes supported on steel line posts and secured by anchors posts. All steel components are galvanised for protection from the environment and the high modulus of elasticity of the steel ropes means that re-tensioning is not required. This combination results in minimal maintenance costs thus ensuring a cost effective, high security fencing solution is implemented to protect your perimeter from vehicle borne attacks. All Bristorm Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Perimeter Fences are tested to PAS 68 and will mitigate 7500Kg vehicles travelling at speeds of 30, 40 and 50 mph.


Bristorm Beam uses the combined technologies of wire rope and a specially developed beam to create an effective Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solution. The Bristorm Beam has shallow end foundations at only 500mm deep and line posts can be installed to the surface or to a 250mm deep ground beam if nothing currently exists.


Bristorm LP and IVP has been developed to protect long perimeter sites from 4x4 vehicle attacks travelling at speeds up to 40 mph. Extremely economical, Bristorm LP is a visually unobtrusive and cost effective measure ideal for securing a perimeter from vehicle borne attack.

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