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Our Leaders

Meet our leaders. Based around Southeast Asia, they are committed to delivering excellence with their enthusiasms and expertise.

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Eric Lim
ESCO Group
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Sam Lim
Managing Director
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Nawal Khurana
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Sujith Sivaram
Managing Director
ESCO Group
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Yeon Taehoon
Managing Director
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Capt. Rudolph
Sri Lanka
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Christopher Lim
Director & General Manager
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Jeffrey Reyes
Managing Director
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Michael Lewis
Business Development Manager
Chua Zhi Dong
Vice President
Engineering & Design
Well-known master of engineering in ESCO with plenty of tips and tricks to make things tick, Zhi Dong is the approachable guru for all things technical in ESCO. 
In his free time, Zhi Dong likes to cycle, bowl, play table tennis, collect anime figurines, visit arcades, find food, solve rubik's cube and watch tear-jerking Korean dramas.  
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Jason Lim
Vice President
Project Management Office
The perfect combination of brains and brawn for ESCO's Project Management Office is he. As a Spartan, Jason is suited to achieving goals and success in ensuring smooth project delivery. 
If you find him familiar, that is because he is always active in Spartan Races, Marathons, or anything to do with fitness really.
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Jonatan Medina
Assistant Vice President
Innovation & Design​, Engineering
Hola! Our creatively weird guru of design always manages to develop the highest quality system designs. Catch him over coffee to chat about retro arcade games and rock music. 
Jonatan also feels strongly about resembling Bruce Willis, a little.
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Lee Suh Sia
Assistant Vice President

The determined mother of 3 is the queen of gateway to all our shipment and procurement. As an avid supporter of healthier food choices, it is not difficult to spot her with oats, fruits and honey water in the office.


Suh Sia also likes to read and spread the power of positive thinking to the team. 

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Priscilla Ho
Assistant Vice President
HR & Corporate Governance
Hailed as the Superwoman of ESCO, Priscilla oversees everything from employee welfare to our corporate legal contracts. 
She is also a devoted practitioner of yoga and stretches for 30mins each night before bed. She enjoys mojito and champagne on most weekends.
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Penny Chia, Hamka Roslan, Pheobe Chok
AVP Internal Audit, AVP Finance & Admin, AVP Accounts
Here we have our 3 finance musketeers keeping the day-to-day accounting magic alive!
You can often find these 3 constantly brainstorming and discussing potential business & investment ideas and opportunities all the time - even off work hours! Ka-ching!
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Ralf Dimaano
Assistant Manager
Information Technology
Baby-faced champion of IT keeping ESCO ahead of the trending IT scape. This sun loving guy here loves beach getaways and water sport activities with his wife. 
Sorry ladies, but Ralf is happily married, and at a legal age too!
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Meet the Teams

ESCO is made up of Teams who contribute to the success of the organisation in their own ways. To find out more about the different teams, read on below. 

The Operations/Support Team

The Corporate Communications Team

The Sales Team

The Design & Innovation Team

The Engineering Team

The Project Management Office Team

The Human Resources Team

Interested to be part of the team?

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