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Professional Services

Through the years, ESCO has been helping businesses expand productivity by personalizing each experience of our customers. Dedicated to improving your operations, we aim to build spaces that are creative and purposeful, so you can focus on what's important.  

Project Engineering

Through ESCO’s extensive experience, we have gained a vast knowledge surrounding most types of AV solutions and scenarios. Whilst this mentioned experience is key to a successful conclusion, our standard operating procedures and adoption of industry best practices ensure our global clients receive quality solutions and services.


A lack of routine maintenance can result in untimely breakdowns and business disruptions. ESCO’s Preventive Maintenance is designed to maximise system performance and detect potential problems before they result in downtime. System checks, component cleaning, and performance tests, all contribute to the longevity of an AV investment and overall system reliability.


● Guaranteed response within 24 hours

● Preventive maintenance visits

● Coverage on all parts, labor and transport

● Refresher training on best usage of equipment

● On-site repair

● Loan equipment

● Out-of-office hours coverage

● Service activity reporting

● Manpower Outsourcing

● Managed Services

Events and Services

ESCO Events & Services encompasses a group of creative thinkers, designers and producers dedicated to amplifying brands through experiences. Each event is curated strategically to impress and inspire audiences across the region with our transcendent concepts. We craft and dive into all parameters of each project, working alongside our client to conceptualise and deliver an impeccable event that leaves prominent memories for every audience.

3D Visualisation

Our in-house competency of 3D visualisation means that clients of ESCO will now be able to visualise how different AV set-ups can potentially look like in any environment before the installation phase of the project. In situation when clients are deciding between proposals, 3D visualisations will come to be of great help in their decision making as they are now given photorealistic images of the potential proposals.

Client Training

Our training features a blend of lecture and hands on exercises; a combination that maximises each attendee's overall learning experiences. Our three levels of training include:


● End-User

Focus on operational topics to fully leverage the product features at a basic level.


● System Administrator

Focus on system configuration, advanced features utilisation, and basic troubleshooting techniques.


● Technical Maintenance

Focus on installation, configuration, operation, and thorough troubleshooting.

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