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Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design for the Modern Workspaces

Interior Design

Workspaces designed for the modern workforce

Through technology, ESCO has been enhancing collaboration between people and simplifying complex systems for years. Combining our expertise in AV and experience in corporate space planning, we are able to deliver bespoke solutions catering to your business requirements. We take pride in understanding your needs, communicating the clarity and beauty of each design. 

Enclosed Meeting Rooms

Conference rooms and meeting rooms, the pillar of all corporate spaces. At ESCO, we design meeting rooms that compliments the latest technologies to propel how you work. Our dedicated team is passionate in providing you with practical and aesthetical solutions so you can jump straight into a perfect video conference, hassle-free.

Open Office Spaces

Communication is key in any organization. ESCO aspire to revolutionize office spaces, transforming them into more than just a place for emails and meetings. Breaking down silos, we ensure each space is carefully thought out to maximize collaborative interaction between people, focusing on user experience. 

Private Working Spaces

Working with partners specialising in private working pods and phone booths, ESCO is adapt at creating private areas for the zero disturbance you need in from open office. Every detail in the pod is carefully considered to ensure minimal audio disturbance and maximum usability. 

3D Visualisation

Our in-house competency of 3D visualisation means that clients of ESCO will now be able to visualise how different AV set-ups can potentially look in any environment before the installation phase of the project. In situations where clients are deciding between proposals, 3D visualisations will come to be of great help in their decision making as they are now given photorealistic previews of the finished rooms.

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