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Retractable Bollards


Retractable Bollards

SP100 Manually Retractable Bollard Image
SP100 Manually Retractable Bollard Image

SP100 Manually Retractable Bollard

Operation Type: Manually Retractable and Fixed

Designed & tested by ATG Access, the SP100 bollard is a manually operable product requiring no power to operate and no ducting or rebar to install. 


Having successfully stopped a 3,500 kg vehicle travelling at 48 kph (30 mph), the product is well placed to mitigate lower velocity vehicular attacks. 

The manually retractable SP100 is fitted with a lift-assist mechanism as standard, reducing the products lifting weight by up to 60%. This allows the security product to be operated by anyone. 

The SP100 is ideal for securing commercial applications where traffic flow is minimal, or access is only required occasionally. Users with high traffic volume will benefit from ESCO’s range of high security automatic products. 

A folding, stainless steel handle is offered as standard with the stainless steel, sleeved model; a black T-bar handle is fitted with all other versions of this product. 

Fixed Variant

The SP100 bollard is also available in a static version to compliment the manually retractable range. This provides clients with a complete solution for perimeter protection and access requirements. 

SP100 High Security Bollard Range 

SP180 Automatic Bollard Image.jpg

SP108 Automatic Bollard

Operation Type: Automatic - Hydraulically Operated

ESCO Pte Ltd is proud to launch a new family of ATG Access bollards-the SP180 range.

This range is designed to arrest a 3,500 kg vehicle travelling at 48 kph:a resistance of 314 KJ+.


Not only is this range designed to withstand substantial impact, but it also offers a comprehensive range of options and operation methods. The automatic variant can be integrated into any access control system and the fixed variant compliments providing permanent, perimeter protection.

As with all ATG Access products, service ability is the foremost consideration when designing a new product range& the SP180 range is no exception.

The bollard itself has a slim diameter measuring just 180 mm and is supplied in a black sherardized finish as standard.

Fully compliant with BS EN ISO 13849:2015, safety of machinery–CE Mark; this bollard can be paired with any form of access control operation required. All control systems are designed and builtin-house and, subsequently, these can be designed to a client’s specification.

Driven by hydraulic power supplied via an external HPU. High security cabinets are also available if required.

Comes with the option of a stainless-steel lid fitted with direct LED (RGBW) lights to increase visibility of the product when being used in the public realm.

SP108 Automatic Bollard 

Defender Automatic Bollard Image (1).jpg
Defender Automatic Bollard Image (2).jpg

Defender Automatic Bollard

Operation Type: Automatic - Hydraulically Operated

The ATG Access Defender, K4 impact tested bollard can cope with a high number of operations per hour and is ideal for sites with high traffic flow.

The Defender is an economical and effective way of protecting your vehicle access points and has been installed at high security sites all over the world.

K4 impact test certified after successfully arresting a 6,800 kg vehicle travelling at 30 mph(48 kph). This product offers low operating and maintenance costs.

All steel parts are galvanised as standard for corrosion protection. The product is then finished in high visibility yellow paint as standard

Other product finishes are available on application such the fitting of aesthetic sleeves and red LED lights in the top lid.

The control board provided as standard is a PLC control system which can be setup to meet whatever operational requirements you may have. The product can also be fitted with an emergency fast operation function so that the bollard/scan be deployed in just (2 seconds).

The system works using hydraulic operation with an external HPU housed within a cabinet.High security cabinets are available on request.

Defender Automatic Bollard 

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