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Tech Talk: New Poly Studio X Series

Poly has recently launched a new series of Poly Studio cameras which is the Poly X30 and X50 Soundar Cameras. As compared to the older version, the new X series is considered to be an all-in-one conferencing solution. For example, the new X series can natively run in majority of video conferencing software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans and GoToMeeting without the need for a PC, unlike the older version.

The new Poly Studio X Series has a sleek and attractive design that will fit into any meeting room solutions. Furthermore, it eliminates the complications of setting up the equipment as it does not require any PC. One of the interesting features that X Series has is whereby the touch panel enables the user to view the conferencing application (GUI) and have full control of the application and VC features. In addition, it gives the control to the user to either share content via wired (HDMI at 4K resolution) or wirelessly.

As the X series comes in X30 and X50, both of the soundbar cameras have similar features but different use case. The Poly X30 is only meant for smaller spaces that can accommodate up to 6 participants and has a 120 degree Field of View and a 4x Zoom. However, the Poly X50 is for bigger spaces that can accommodate up to 10 participants and has the same 120 degree Field of View but with a 5x Zoom. The other difference between the X30 and X50 is whereby X30 is able to support a single display whereas the X50 can support a dual display.

The X Series is also equipped with auto-framing function that shows the best view of the audience without the need of controlling the camera. Future updates will also include speaker tracking and conversation mode

All in all, the new X series will elevate your meeting room solutions with it's latest functions. Furthermore, it can integrate seamlessly with any video conferencing solutions without any complications.

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