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Teamwork without boundaries

Our best ideas come from when we're working as a team - focused, engaged, connected.

Today people are spending more time than ever before collaborating, and companies are embracing new ways of working together. People see teamwork as critical to their job, but teams are more global and mobile than ever and being in the same room often isn't possible. Businesses are looking to technology to close the gap - not only across departments, building and time zones, but also to connect different work styles and perspectives.

Shaking up collaboration

"It is the solution that helps unlock the power of the group, it is a brand new collaboration device that is transformative to group productivity as PC was for individuals. We pioneered a new device category which customers have validated and embraced!"

- says Barko Kovacevic, Director, Marketing & Operations, Microsoft Singapore, on why Microsoft created Surface Hub.

Right off the bat, it looks great. The gorgeous 50-inch display can be mounted on the wall, or even better, on the Steelcase Roam, a custom rolling stand with battery. It's inviting. You immediately want to go up and touch it. But underneath the surface, it is a mobile conference room, allowing teamwork to happen anywhere. It takes something that has long been a fixture in the conference room-the shared screen- and transform it into a mobile computer built for teams.

It allows users to walk up and instantly start a meeting. No need to log in or connect any equipment. You no longer have to worry about wasting precious time trying to get complex technology to work.

Joining a remote meeting can be a painful experience: waiting for someone in the room to dial you in, not being able to see people in the room, missing whats being projected on the screen, or being left out when someone takes the discussion to the analog whiteboard. With Surface Hub 2S, remote attendees can have a productive, engaging meeting without getting on an airplane - They have on-screen presence, screen is automatically shared and remote users can even ink as part of the brainstorm. You can see remote attendees side by side with content and everyone can share ideas and content without the disruption of disconnecting cables from one user to the next.

And just like the old days, the same analog tools like whiteboards and sticky note people used when they came together to create and brainstorm, you can now find in a digital form on Surface Hub 2S. The Microsoft Whiteboard on Surface Hub 2S has truly bridged the gap between analog and modern. However, don't be fooled! It is more powerful than a traditional whiteboard - the canvas is infinite. Write, scribble, annotate, scroll or pinch zoom, clip content and insights from other apps - anything. The feeling is fluid and responsive.

Surface Hub 2S is truly a product built to engage and empower teams by bridging digital and physical workspaces. If you'd like to get your hands on one to try it out for yourself, email us at!



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