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Tech Talk: Lightware Review and Product Highlights

UMX‑HDMI‑140-Plus (or UMX-TPS-140-Plus)

Lightware offers a host of AV solutions such as extenders, switchers, distribution amplifiers, fibre, as well as room control solutions. Furthermore, it facilitates and integrates functions in meeting rooms with reduced complexity, enabling easy duplicable, scalable setups for small and large solutions alike.

The UMX‑HDMI‑140-Plus (or UMX-TPS-140-Plus) is a multiport VGA/YPbPr, Display Port 1.1, HDMI 1.4 and DVI auto-switcher with analog stereo audio, designed to cater for any laptop video input needed in a single box. It is available in either HDMI or TPS (HDBaseT over Twisted Pair) video outputs for flexibility in deployment situations. Furthermore, with the built-in Event Manager feature, it avails an easily programmable control solution for simple room function integration, such as GPIO relays for projector screens, or RS232 for lighting controllers.

Lightware also offers the Cisco Room Functionality Wizard, where they have partnered with Cisco to facilitate product selection, compatibility and integration with key Cisco Video Conference solutions, as well as to generate tailored Cisco configuration files for those solutions and templates. All of these can be completed online and downloaded into the hardware without the need for complicated programming, connectivity and configuration, freeing valuable resources for more ambitious enterprises in your deployment.

Lightware offers versatility in its offerings, from connectivity in small meeting rooms with easily programmable control functionalities, to large scale, AV over IP/fibre solutions monitored and controlled centrally, integrable with third-party control systems for an audio-visual experience without compromise in quality or scalability. Please contact ESCO if you are interested in an integration opportunity for your upcoming office deployment/renovation.



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