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One of the challenges when designing a new meeting room or huddle space is always the selection of suitable furniture and the coordination required alongside other parties to align the various wiring and connectivity requirements for user. Positioning of custom cut-outs on tabletops and arrangement of the wires run within the table are fundamental when starting a project.

Image 1. Messy Wires Meeting Room Table

The use of technologies and electronic devices in the work environment is a common sight these days, it is inevitable that there will be the a need to run cables for our devices through the table if we do not wish to end up in a scenario like the one in the picture above.

To rectify such complications, ESCO has partnered with various furniture manufacturers who enabled us to provide a one stop solution for your meeting room or huddle spaces needs. The furniture is fully equipped with the appropriate cable management and table compartments which allow table connectivity and installation of electronic equipment within the table - a prevalent practice nowadays.

One of our favourite is the work zone series of console tables. These are fully mobile and comes with accessory brackets to install a display directly on the table edge. As mentioned above, there will also be space for electronic devices and cable management within the table. This way, there is no need to run AV cables under the flooring or through the walls as these will be within the table itself. Turning the system fully automated which requires straightforward installation, saving us the hassle during construction or renovation stage.

Image 2. Work Zone Table Fully movable

Such furniture could be ideal for smart classrooms as well, there is even an option for a flip-top table which is ideal for open spaces that requires layout change based on the event type. Additionally, these can be kept away when not in use. There are also options for different table shapes like trapezoid, which is ideal for videoconference setup.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help you with your room furniture needs.

Article by Jonatan Medina Espino



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