Food From The Heart | ESCO Singapore CSR

July has been a fulfilling period for ESCO as we celebrated our 30th Anniversary this entire month. On top of our company cruise, partner promotions, and various internal events, ESCO also participated in our very meaningful CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), volunteering with Food from the Heart for their cause to alleviate hunger for the less-fortunate.

ESCO was given the opportunity to assist the non-profit organisation with their Community Food Pack Programme, which sees the collection of donated non-perishable food items, packs them into their iconic red bags, and distributes them to the 3,600 families monthly.

Our ESCO volunteers quickly filled the warehouse with our energy as we sorted the allocated food items onto wooden pallets for delivery. We also had a chance to pack the individual Food Packs which required careful arrangement of each item so as to minimise impact and maximise space during the delivery process.

Here are what some of us felt after the volunteering:

It was heartwarming to see so many people participated in volunteering work for the needy and I am glad to be part of it. 

Raymond Kong

Manager, Sales Support

Thanks for organising this, such a fulfilling and meaningful act it was, I enjoyed the team work, thank you all.

Sujith Sivaram

Managing Director

It was without a doubt that I left the warehouse feeling more appreciative of the things I have in life and will not hesitate to volunteer again.

J.J Chew

Manager, Marketing