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Exploring Singapore by Foot

Follow our Vice President of Projects, Jason Lim, as he takes us on a journey from Holland Village to Our Tampines Hub in the East on foot. Discover sights of Singapore off the beaten path and learn tips and tricks to conquering a long run!

What inspired you to travel from Holland Village to Tampines? Since we cannot travel aboard, I thought why not do a little bit of exploring within our own country (Singapore) by foot as it allow us not only to see our surrounding more in details and at the same time we can keep ourselves fit.

How long did it take you to do so? What is the total distance you covered? 3 hrs 55 mins and 30km. I initially set out with no expectations to complete within a certain duration and also not knowing how long the entire journey will take. However, I planned my route in advance and I am flexible to change it if the weather forbids.

What were some interesting things you came across in your journey that you have never noticed by driving? I learned that the Park Connectors are actually very convenient for travel by foot, saw the old signboard that was retained at Anderson Bridge, visited the first Apple Store on Water (at Marina Bay Sands) and met a number of friendly people who will greet me along the way.

Would you do this again and do you recommend others to try? I would definitely recommend everyone to try this but start by doing shorter distance. If you cannot run, it is fine to walk. In fact I had done some video exploring St John Island and Pulau Ubin by foot. If you are game, you can also join me to for a fun walk on most weekends!



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