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ESCO enters Partnership with Teleportivity

Furthering our dedication to be the leading AV system integrator in Southeast Asia, ESCO is pleased to announce our new strategic partnership with Teleportivity, an enterprise that has experience in developing and creating a video helpdesk solution for the customer service sector. Teleportivity’s cloud-based video desk system allows organizations to scale staff across physical sites remotely, using the latest in video and information deployment technology. With ESCO’s expertise in providing corporates with integrated technology solutions and Teleportivity’s expertise in developing a video helpdesk solution, ESCO is confident that the partnership will reap great benefits for our clients as many organizations are trying to find new ways to improve their customer service management to stay relevant in this economy.

“Teleportivity is an innovative and scalable platform that can add a lot of value to us and our clients. The international accolades they have been scooping up are proof of how impressive their technology is . We envision a multitude of possible applications across our industry and are very excited to start this journey together with them.” - Christopher Lim, General Manager, ESCO.

“We are extremely excited to welcome ESCO, one of the global leaders in the Audio Visual industry, as a foundation Teleportivity partner in the Asia-Pacific region. Together, we will be offering a world-first, cutting edge live video assistance platform built to "deploy" your human team(s), anywhere, at the click of a button.“ - Adam Gottlieb, Founder & CEO, Teleportivity.

Through this partnership, ESCO and Teleportivity will work together to enhance the service experience for our clients.

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