Covid-19 Safe Workplace Solutions: Preparing for the new reality.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, temperature checks, sanitization and social distancing are now part of our lives. Effectively comply, prevent, and detect any early signs of COVID-19, with the range of solutions curated by ESCO.

Hand Sanitising plays a very important role in combating with Covid-19 spread as confirmed by WHO and other international health organizations.

ESCO has designed and brought to the market a new range of hand sanitization products to improve hygiene and safety at workplaces. All products are designed to be touchless to minimize the chances of virus spread. Ideal for Indoor communal areas such as offices, supermarkets, schools, and foyer areas.

Adaptable Working

Software and Mobile App can help the company plan spaces and assist organizations with executing flexible working.

Social Distancing

Generate alerts when people crowd at a workspace. Help facility managers ensure distance is maintained.

Fever Detection

Detect Fever and faces so companies can authenticate employees when they arrive at work.

Occupancy Monitoring

Tablet displays occupancy of a space, so people know it is not overcrowded.

Contactless Fever Detection Camera

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Unique tools to detect fever (COVID-19) by using our patented technology to monitor body temperature (eyes, nose, cheek) of visitors or employees before entering the office.