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Chief Tempo - Your Meeting Room Quick and Easy

In some instances, businesses are required to design a meeting room with utilising the existing space in the office within short period of time. In order to mitigate this issue, Chief has come up with a solution that helps to reduce the time and cost to install AV equipment. Chief has successfully designed a new Tempo system that is a flat panel floor support which is fixed against the wall. Furthermore, the weight support is from the floor and it does not require for any wall inspection or any reinforcement, thus reducing labour and material cost.

Image 1. Tempo for Single and Dual Display shown with Brackets and Display sold separately.

The Tempo comes with a component storage that enables equipment such as the thin client PC, Media Player, small switcher and receiver to be mounted. In addition, it comes with a vent which enables natural cooling and also has space for cable management. It can accommodate a single display ranging from 40'' to 100'' or even a dual display up to 60''. The dual display option makes it attractive for a video conference set up and it is only available from April 2020 onwards.

Since the cabling can be done within the system itself, it helps to reduce the time and cost for AV installation and it does not requires an open wall to hide the running of cables. In addition, there are other accessories that can be added on top of the Tempo such as a camera for video conferencing purposes.

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