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Audinate Launches Two New Amazing Dante Adapters

In this article, ESCO explains more details on the newly launched Dante Adapters by Audinate and how these adapters can be a game changer for your audio needs. Follow Jonatan Medina, AVP of Design, as we reveal fascinating details of the Dante Adapters.

Dante is one of the most versatile audio over network standards and recently, Audinate has launched 2 new adapters which offers new possibilities for devices to get audio into a DANTE network.

Image 1: DANTE AVIO USB-C (Left) and DANTE AVIO USB Type A (Right)

The first device is the Dante AVIO USB which allows a PC to send/receive audio to/from a Dante network by just plugging this adapter via USB. It does not require any software installation; it is a plug and play device. The USB-C version has a power pass through which means when in a PoE setup the adapter is able to pass power to a mobile device or PC. The Dante AVIO USB adapter is a 2-Channel audio that allows us to record and play audio at the same time.

Image 2: DANTE AVIO Bluetooth Adapter

The second device is a Bluetooth to Dante Adapter and it is amazing as it enables us to bring the audio from any Bluetooth device to your Dante network. For instance, when having a call with clients or colleagues, users with any smartphone can simply connect the audio to the meeting room speakers via Bluetooth so that everyone in the room can hear clearly.

With the Dante adapters, users are able to connect their smartphone to play audio via the network speakers, wirelessly.

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Article by Jonatan Medina Espino

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