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A Tech Collaborative Event: ESCO, Zoom, Samsung & Logitech

ESCO Singapore has recently conducted a collaboration event with Zoom, Samsung and Logitech last week at the Samsung Experience Centre. The event was held to further introduce new collaboration solutions and to explain the fundamentals of having unified communications in the modern working environment.

The event started with a representative from ESCO Singapore presenting case studies of projects that ESCO has completed with Zoom, Logitech and Samsung solutions.

Moving on, we had a representative from Zoom touching on collaborative conferencing solutions that improves productivity and efficiency.

Thirdly, we had Samsung to present on their new interactive LED screens and how their screens can be integrated into any collaborative solutions.

Lastly, Logitech presented on their new product and how it can be integrated into any meeting room collaborative solutions.

Overall, it was a fruitful experience for the attendees as they are able to understand and learn more on the collaborative solutions.



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