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3 Things You Didn't Know About the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

By now, Microsoft Surface Hub 2S has taken the corporate world by storm as it is known for its sleek design and new outstanding features. As compared to the Surface Hub 1, which was launched in 2015, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is now equipped with thinner bezel and comes with a stand to wheel it around conference rooms or in an open-plan office space, making it ideal for many companies to integrate Microsoft Surface Hub 2S in their office settings.

With growing demands in the use of video conferencing as a part of the ecosystem in the business environment, Microsoft has equipped the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S with a 4K camera that is powered by the USB-C and can be detached from its mount. As the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is designed to be wheeled around the office space, a snapback mechanism was created for the camera in order to prevent any damage from crashing into any doors.

''Microsoft Surface Hub 2 provides a robust whiteboard experience, but your whiteboard can be shared across Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices, so you can jump back into the same brainstorm session anytime, anywhere from any devices,'' - Microsoft.

This is one of the compelling features that sets Microsoft Surface Hub 2S apart from any other interactive whiteboard which is the dynamic collaboration whereby it enables multiple users to collaborate simultaneously in a single workplace.

Despite its amazing features that Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is equipped with, there are other interesting features that are discovered by our ESCO team. Here are the 3 things that you didn't know about the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S:

1) You can beautify your drawings and writings on the Microsoft Whiteboard function.

When you draw or write using the Surface Hub 2 Pen on the Surface Hub 2S, they can be easily beautified with a built-in function in Whiteboard (application). This makes sharing your ideas simple and of course, beautiful. Simply circle the writings/drawings and press on the magic wand and instantly, it beautifies your writing/drawing.

2) It can withstand 100 Touchpoints.

Unlike any other interactive whiteboards, Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is the only whiteboard that enables up to 100 touchpoints at a time. This enables users to edit and make changes to anything on the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S simultaneously. Now, you can easily share new business ideas or even present to your colleagues more efficiently. This function would be useful for design teams when they are making edits to large format images or even multiple presenters making notes during a brainstorm.

3) You can project wirelessly using any Windows 10 devices via MiraCast and edit simultaneously on the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S.

With the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, you can no longer have to worry about HDMI cable. You can now connect wirelessly through any Windows 10 devices via Miracast. Furthermore, you can edit the original content directly from the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S without having to edit it directly on your laptop.

With all the new features that Microsoft Surface Hub 2S has to offer, we were excited that our team has managed to discover these 3 fun features. As such, it would be ideal to incorporate Microsoft Surface Hub 2S in today's modern workspaces as it enhances collaboration between users and reduces the intricacy of sharing ideas or even presentation. With its portable design, meetings can be held anywhere and anytime.



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