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Chevron (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Earlier this year, ESCO completed a project for Chevron (Singapore) which started late 2018.


It all started when Chevron was looking for a new office and made the shift from Chevron House to Duo Tower. Their new premise in Duo Tower spans over 3 levels and the project is inclusive of new equipment and office furnished equipment (OFE) which required relocation from Chevron House to Duo Tower. The OFE includes tv displays, Cisco MX800 and Cyviz audio/camera system.

In total, the project covered 41 meeting/huddle rooms, 6 VC rooms, 2 divisible rooms, 6 pantry areas, 6 traders TV and 1 President Office.


Chevron requested for a flexible office solution; from a simple huddle room solution to a more complex design – AV over IP, to be integrated with their VC systems. Simplicity and flexibility were key in the design of their systems. They needed the ease of use by the users of the Singapore branch office. The time frame was crucial as the move has been planned, along with the opening ceremony of their new premise. There was simply no allowance for a delay.

One of the main equipment used was the Crestron NVX, as the AV over IP solution for Chevron. The Crestron NVX series served as a high performance encorder and decorder which is able to do 4k signal routing. This is essential as the Chevron office is extended across few floors. The Crestron NVX is one of the best solutions recommended to do the routing as required. Shure MXW series, both handheld and lavalier variations were used for audio input, as well as Audio Technica Boundary microphones, Cisco Table Mic60 and Cisco Room Kit Plus Soundbar. For processor, we used the Biamp DSP. These were chosen to fulfil the multiple usage of the divisible rooms – ranging from presentations, video conferencing, seminars to townhalls. Chevron needed a solution to accommodate for different flexibility while keeping it user-friendly. For the control system, the Cisco touch panel (Cisco Touch 10) was used along with Crestron CP3N.


There were a few technical difficulties that our team encountered in different phases of this project. Perhaps, the most troubling of which was the mismatch in compatibility with Crestron NVX. The infrastructure cabling through the floors were provided by a different vendor and some of which did not meet the requirements of the Crestron NVX which caused problems for the network switch ports. Given the number of Crestron NVXs to be deployed across their multi-levelled office, much time and effort were spent checking and rectifying this, together with the other vendors. This was the biggest challenge which took a considerable time to be resolved.

To date, though it has only been a few months, our system integration and installation is doing good. We are also pleased to share that the project has completed smoothly with positive feedback from our clients.

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Article by: Mohamed Ifraq

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