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Crestron SR – The Crestron Skype Room System

Crestron has launched­­ a new product with focus on Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams users. The Crestron SR or Skype Room System has been developed in partnership with Microsoft to ensure a full integration of the Microsoft applications with the Crestron Hardware. Crestron SR is a desktop touch screen video conferencing solution suitable for small to mid-range meeting rooms.

Crestron SR functions as a Dock Station for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 running Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, where the dock will be provided with some multiple connection options (HDMI, DM, USB and Cresnet®) to enhance the conferencing experience.

It has built-in 4 Port USB Hub to connect USB peripherals like Cameras and Speaker phones. These third-party peripherals can be found easily in the market offering a wide range of products to suit requirements ranging from a personal conferencing system to Huddle Rooms.

Also, as part of the connectivity options, it is equipped with a HDMI input for hard-wired content sharing from external devices like Laptops. The Crestron SR also has a HDMI output for direct connection with a display and a Crestron proprietary DM output port for situations where it is required to extend the display signal. Optionally it is able to support dual display configuration.

In addition, there is a proprietary Cresnet® port available for integration with a room occupancy sensor which can be used for room automation when paired with a Crestron control processor. The Crestron SR is compatible with Crestron Fusion® monitoring and scheduling software, which allows system administrators to provide remote support should the need arise. For example, if the user encounters a technical issue while using the Crestron SR for a presentation or video conference, the administrator can log from his/her laptop and attend to the issue without being there physically. Riding on this convenience, the technician can also perform routine updates to the Crestron Remote system from anywhere he desires.

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