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Of shuttles, perspiration and camaraderie

The ESCO team bonded over a sweaty game of badminton last Friday, 23 November 2018.

The fully geared participants came together to snap a fun shot  during the outing to capture the exciting moment at the court.

It was an evening of friendly competition and a discovery of the better players and the players who could do better. The evening started a little slow and shy but soon progressed to a more competitive and boisterous session. Throughout, the hall was filled with cheers, attempts at points tracking, loud grunting and complaints from the players and their supporters.

Participants fully engaged in the game.

Participants battling for a point as other watch on in anticipation.

In all, it was an evening of fun and sweat. Some of our team members further bonded over a late-night supper after.

Participants filling their stomachs to replenish their energy levels.

Checking with the team members who sweated out together,

“It was a much-needed sweat session!” Mark Ng, Engineer

“Well, it was certainly stress relieving and refreshing,” Amit Palekar, VP Sales

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