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Coffee Talk with ESCO Vol. 9 • Ventus Tay

As the saying goes, "All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy." In every volume, Coffee Talk with ESCO chats up our team mates to find out more about their passion off work. We are excited to have Ventus Tay, Regional Sales Manager of ESCO Singapore to share with us about his love for photography.


My name is Ventus, Regional Sales Manager

I started photography a few years back when I got my first camera through an online sales portal. I began to search online for tutorials on how to operate a professional camera manually and how the camera setting affects the final image.

From then on, I am obsessed with Street Photography and Landscape Photography. Let me just focus on Street Photography today.

What is Street Photography?

There are many definitions for Street Photography. To me, it's the candid moment that happens right before your eyes. These beautiful moments come unexpectedly. You just have to be ready when it unfolds right in front of you.

A good Street Photography has the power to stop time for a moment. It is about capturing emotions and expressions of people in that second. It can happen in a flash, so you have to be quick to capture all of that essence in a frame to tell the captivating story.

"The biggest challenge in Street Photography is being in the right place at the right time."

This is not something you can control or plan, many times you can be out the whole day and end up without any photos.

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