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ESCO Volunteers - Kampung Memories

On 7 October 2018 (Sunday), a team of volunteers from ESCO helped out at an Elderly Carnival organised by Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities.

All smiles before the start of the event.

The volunteers from ESCO, together with their family and friends, assisted in various segments of the carnival such as ushering, crowd control, food distribution and interaction with the seniors. The event began with the reception of seniors arriving from various elderly communities located at different parts of Singapore. Volunteers from ESCO stood ready to receive these guests.

(Left) Amit, (Right) Sujith and Ibrahim - Receiving seniors as they arrive.

The carnival started with an opening speech by Mr Lee Kim Siang, chairman of Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities, followed by the commencement of the food and game stations. Volunteers from ESCO were dispatched to help out in crowd management at the food and game stations within the carnival.

(Center) Shamira - Managing the enthusiastic crowd.

After having fun at the game stations and tasted the different varieties of tasty local snacks such as Tutu kueh, Potong Ice Cream, Tea Leaf Egg and Muah Chee, the seniors retreated back to their seats for dinner. The day's event ended with an outdoor movie screening.

Long but fulfilling day!

"The Aviators (Volunteers) were very supportive. They were swift to respond to call for help, taking initiative in assisting elderly in every way, and the elderly were full of praises for their assistance at the toilets - very ingenious and thoughtful to have seats while waiting in queue."

said a representative from Thye Hua Kwan.

Towards the end, the volunteers assisted the organisers in aiding the seniors back onto the buses from which they came.

ESCO would like to thank Thye Hua Kwan for this wonderful evening with the senior citizens.

"It was a great feeling and so fulfilling to be able to help out the elderly. The expressions of joy on their face and numerous times they thanked us brought immense joy for the whole team" said Sujith.

ESCO would like to thank Thye Hua Kwan for this opportunity in allowing us to give back to the communities. ESCO look forward to participate in the next social responsibility event!

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