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Sharpening our Biamp Skills


ESCO is privileged to be one of the four System Integrators in Singapore to be given the opportunity to attend the workshop conducted by Biamp, conducted by the very experienced Kane Zhang and Matthew Packer.


The 4 hours workshop took place in our office and is designed for our Sales team, our System Designers and Engineers. The workshop covered Biamp DSP and how to configure to get the best out of the Biamp systems. In all, how best to improve user experience.

Speaking with Zhi Dong, our Head of Engineering, “The training was intuitive and interactive. Biamp actually set up a couple of demo stations that includes multiple types of microphones and a Tesira Forte DSP. The training session was carried out by utilising Biamp’s Tesira software. By doing this, our teammates present has a great opportunity to look at how the demo setups are being configured in the software. The trainer also shared his own experience in audio system deployment that involved Biamp system, and we also exchanged our experience with them as well. Overall, it was a great experience having Biamp with us. We would appreciate that there would be more of such trainings being offered by Biamp locally in the future.”

ESCO invests in knowledge and learning to share the resultant benefits with our partners as we believe a competent team breeds productivity and efficiency. This training is an example of how our team receives the learning required for us to deliver the best to our clients.

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