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Kramer Maestro - Complete Intelligent Room Automation

In the third quarter this year, we experienced what seem to be a trend with manufacturers, working on improving their small presentation switchers with added features. Recently, Kramer has also introduced some of their improved Auto-Switchers to highlight Kramer’s Maestro Room Automation.

What this entails for us is that we can now program behaviors for these switchers to control some of the main AV equipment within the room. We are talking about the Kramer WP-20, DIP-20 and DIP-31, each with different capabilities to suit different environment. These automatic Switchers are provided with control ports to free users of the hassle in pressing buttons to start the system, thus improving the user experience by giving a more reliable and faster start to meetings and presentations. Users are just required to plug in their device and the system will respond to this by preparing the room to be used.

These three mentioned models are meant to cater for different scenarios. The Kramer WP-20 is a wall plate with both HDMI and VGA with audio; the unit is built-in transmitter HD-BaseT so as to link it up with a HD-BaseT receiver.

The Kramer DIP-20 is a small form factor Auto-Switcher that can be easily installed below a meeting table and comes with two HDMI and one VGA with Audio inputs and a HDMI output. This will be ideal for small huddle rooms and meeting spaces where we can easily run the HDMI output to the respective display.

The Kramer DIP-31 is practically same as the DIP-20 however instead of having a HDMI output it is built in transmitter using HD-BaseT. In this case it is ideal for situations where the display is at certain distance or simply it is difficult or not possible to run the HDMI cable as it can be link up to a receiver unit by using CAT cable.

All of those support up to 4K resolutions at 60Hz and are provided with the common PRO-AV features like EDID processing, signal equalization and re-clocking. In definitive a cost-effective solution for simple AV setup providing room automation; creating a hassle free to use space and speed up meetings.

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