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Coffee Talk with ESCO Vol. 6 • Geneva Fernandez (ESCO Philippines)

As the saying goes, "All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy." In every volume, Coffee Talk with ESCO chats up our team mates to find out more about their life and passion off work. We are excited to have Geneva, Service Account Manager of ESCO Philippines to share with you about her life changing moment when her baby, Safiya, entered the world.

Hello! My name is Geneva, Service Account Manager - ESCO Philippines.

I would like to share with you the joy motherhood brings when I become a mother to my baby, Safiya!


Tell us what it is like being a Momma!

Geneva: The first glimpse of Safiya was magical! She was so precious. Being a mother, the first couple of months are filled with sleepless nights. Safiya wakes up every 2 hours and cries, asks for milk really fast!

Luckily, we have my mother to help us take care of Safiya. She loves listening to music and she cannot go to sleep without hearing her favorite lullaby. I love watching her asleep, it is like watching my entire life in her calm beautiful face.

I had a hard time breastfeeding her, she keeps on crying every time we try to latch, so I decided to buy a breast pump because breast milk is what’s best for her. Being a mom is a life changing moment!


How's Safiya doing, is she learning how to walk already?

Geneva: Walking? Oh, not yet, she’s only 8 months old! She cannot even stand by herself yet. But it is such a joy to witness Safiya reach a new milestone, or what my mother calls it “talent” ha-ha! For now, she already crawls perfectly. She takes up almost the whole part of our bed with her pillows while Mommy and Daddy struggles not to fall off the bed!

Safiya loves to eat! She can’t get enough of bananas and mangoes. And she cannot go to sleep without putting her thumb inside her mouth - too cute. She is now learning how to sit without our help. We are earnestly looking forward to her next big step which is to stand by herself!

A bundle of joy

What was your reaction holding your daughter for the first time?

Geneva: Since I underwent Cesarean Section, it took me a day before I can hold Safiya.

The moment I laid my eyes on my baby girl for the first time is one of the most indescribable feeling ever. Holding her felt like I am holding something fragile, funny that I am excited yet scared that she might fall.

Juggling work with motherhood is tough, how do you manage it?

Geneva: It really is! At first, Dennis and I decided to have my mother take care of Safiya in the province while we look for a place to stay in Manila. Those times I really missed her whenever we leave for work.

As a mother, I have learnt how to balance everything quickly with my career and as a mom. I had to make sure that all my free time was dedicated only for Safiya. Even if I’m in the office or in a meeting, I call at home to check how she is doing.

Recently Safiya was down with cough and flu, I have no choice but to leave work to look after her for 3 days. ESCO have been understanding and I am grateful to be a part of a company that values one's duties to family.

"...Every act or decision I do will always be what’s best for her. I can say that a mother's journey may be a tough one but it is also the most fulfilling one!"

Geneva with baby Safiya

What did you learn being a mother?

Geneva: When Safiya came to into my world, it really turned my life around. Back then I was only thinking about myself, but when you have a baby all those things change.

Every act or decision I do will always be what’s best for her. I can say that a mother's journey may be a tough one but it is also the most fulfilling one!

Any tips for future moms-to-be?

Geneva: Enjoy every moment with them, they are not baby forever...and breastfeed your babies!

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