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ESCO is 29!

Instead of going with the traditional team lunch or dinner, ESCO celebrated its 29th birthday on 6th July by conducting internal workshops and inviting Living Theories to run a corporate retreat.

The day began with Living Theories and its ‘Pathways: Starting with WHY’ in which the ESCO team members shared our WHYS and core motivations through tabletop RPG gameplay. As part of the game, the ESCO team members played characters such as centaurs, dwarves, elves or undead with specialized roles such as healer, ranger, warrior or magician. In all, it was an engaging and heartening activity as our team members mostly gave our WHYs as being part of a larger family. By building on this ESCO family together, we helped our own families to prosper.


Later in the afternoon, workshops were conducted by some of our team members with a focus on the following topics: Culture of Service, Working with Diversity, Accountability and Ownership, Be the WOW factor and of course, a workshop on Velocity and Scalability that highlighted the importance of being GPA and our plans as GPA.

With that, ESCO celebrated its 29th birthday a little differently this year. Instead of celebrating another year of progress, ESCO celebrated its birthday with a focus on its people by building a culture of teamwork.

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