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The Global Presence Alliance (GPA) Turns 10 at Infocomm Vegas

The Global Presence Alliance, the “Star Alliance” of the Integrated Audio-Visual Experience Industry, celebrates a decade of market and thought leadership in global enterprise delivery strategy at Infocomm this year.

The requirement for a consistent delivery model to serve global customers led to the inception of the GPA 10 years ago. What started out as a small group of committed and aligned integrators has evolved into the world's leading and largest network of system integrators, delivering standardised, simplified collaboration solutions at scale across the Globe.

“We knew we were developing something important when we conceived the GPA, but what has evolved over the past 10 years is truly special. GPA members don’t just become business partners, they become a part of a culturally diverse and committed community built upon the foundations of trust, knowledge share, and the value of their shared contribution to the common good.” comments Julian Phillips, EVP at Whitlock, and an initial founder of the GPA.

The GPA has spent a decade investing in, developing, and refining a unique portfolio of standards, infrastructure, and core services that allow its members to align and deliver as one. This unique delivery mechanism overcomes geographical and cultural boundaries, providing convenience, efficiency, and velocity to enterprise organizations as they seek trusted partners to enable their organization's modern workplace goals and strategies.

"As the focus and drive towards simplification of user experience and thereby room technologies continues, so does our recognition of the value the GPA offers customers in solving the real complexity of delivering and supporting human productivity and efficiency at a global scale." states Byron Tarry, Executive Director of the GPA. "We embrace and leverage the diversity among our membership, and believe it reduces risk, drives innovation, and optimizes outcomes compared to any other delivery model"

In addition to our usual member summit, customer roundtable, and general collaborative engagement with key partners, expect a few surprises in terms of terms of the activities and visibility of the GPA team as we celebrate and plan the next 10 years of success and leadership within our rapidly maturing industry.

The GPA looks forward to celebrating our milestone in Vegas with all those who have supported us in the past 10 years, as well as those interested in being a part of the next 10!

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