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Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 2

We were excited to see the details Microsoft shared recently on the next generation of Surface Hub. Surface Hub 2 builds on the experiences you know and love from Surface Hub, like walk up and use and one-click to join meetings, to enable teams to collaborate seamlessly together anytime, anywhere.

With a 50.5” touchscreen, ultra-slim design and thin bezels, Surface Hub 2 is designed to be inviting and approachable. Surface Hub 2 features dynamic rotation and screens can be tiled together to scale to any space, from personal office to huddle space to conference rooms of all sizes. We’ve partnered with workplace expert Steelcase to create a premium mobile cart and wall mount systems to fit deployment needs across these different spaces. A far field mic array and modular cameras will provide everything you need to run high-quality modern meetings.

Surface Hub 2 will deliver on Microsoft’s modern teaming vision, bringing together Windows, Office, Power BI, and Cortana, all powered by the intelligent cloud. Deep integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams will enable powerful team experiences on Surface Hub 2. Multi-user sign-in allows more than one teammate to access and save content to the cloud, and then return to it on any device. New Microsoft Whiteboard features like multi-way collaboration, the ability to save and return to previous whiteboards, and built-in AI will take brainstorming on Surface Hub 2 to the next level.

To ensure you can continue to get the most out of your existing investment in Surface Hub, Microsoft will be making most of the software innovation they are delivering with Surface Hub 2 available on current generation devices.

Surface Hub 2 is coming in 2019. Microsoft will be sharing more detail in the coming months. To learn more, visit

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