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Double Robotics. Work from Anywhere.

Double Robotics expanded the possibilities in telepresence conferencing when they released “Double”, a remotely controlled robot that allows users to move around in another location during a video conference. This how “Double” looks like:

In short Double is a mobile robot with conferencing capabilities and can be controlled remotely, it is a fully independent system; and it can be categorized as an assistive telepresence device.

We are able to control the Double via network through its own software. This software used for conferencing purposes has a user interface with the controls for Double as well. To make it fully independent it uses batteries that last for 6-8 hours. It also comes with a base charging station where we can dock it when not in used. Be warned though, a certain prowess in parking skills is required to get it properly docked.

With this revolutionary idea, Double can assist people when they are not able to be present physically in a location. To have a better idea of how Double can assist the corporate environment, please watch this video of a case study where Double helped Peter - a student with cancer to attend school:

Double really helps people attend an event or meeting when they are not able to. This can be applied for doctors, teachers or even office workers. Due to the nature of my work as a consultant, a large part of my work involves project consultations with co-workers. If I am overseas, the only way for them to reach me would be through phone, e-mail or videoconference. However, by using Double, I could be always connected, my colleagues could come to my “Double” and ask questions or have a casual talk, I would even be able to see documents. I would be able to attend internal meetings just by driving Double into the meeting room. If I need to have a discussion with a colleague I could drive to his/ her desk and start a conversation.

Some offices could have a few units on stand-by, when one is unable to attend a meeting, he/ she can connect to Double and move around and interact with their colleagues.

This makes me remember a time when people speculated that there will no longer be a need to report to office for work as robots will be working for us. Well, maybe this is a start.

Article by: Jonatan Medina Espino

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