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Why audio is important in a Video Conference?

Have you ever experienced a Video Conference where you cannot quite understand what the other party is saying due to poor audio quality? This kind of scenario in corporate meetings is disruptive and ineffective. Providing a clear conversation in a Video Conference is an essential feature that System Integrators, like us, should place emphasis on.

A clear audio really makes a big difference in Video-Conferencing. Many studies revealed that people can tolerate video disruptions but not technical audio difficulties. Although, attaining such standards is not an easy feat. A lot of factors affect the audio quality within a room. It includes the layout of the room, number of attendees, audio equipment used, and how Video Conference plays out in it.

A room that has high ceiling will likely produce echoes that travel throughout the room, causing users to hear reverberations. A background noise that comes from open speakers often disturbs the conversation and could lead to miscommunication between both parties.

For example, a person may have misheard “I will send it to the client” to a “I have sent it to the client”. This is unfortunately common in multi-national companies that collaborate with their regional counterparts. As different dialects and accents play in a discussion, listeners in a conference should be able to hear the voice clearly to perceive the words the other parties are saying. So how do we attain a high-quality audio?

The secret to a clear audio of a room is to have soft surfaces that absorb the sound. Acoustic panels and carpets are great tools that can be placed in a room to minimize the echoes that a sound produces. However, it is not always an option as the room may already be fully designed. As System Integrators, it is our responsibility to mitigate the background noise and echo while attaining the optimal intended sound. With the help of professional audio manufacturers, we at ESCO are ready to help you get the optimal sound perfect for your room.


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