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ISE 2018 : In the Eyes of ESCO


From left to right: Christopher Lim (ESCO SG), Revicson Jocson (ESCO PH), Yeon Taehoon (ESCO KR), Lee Hyunchul (ESCO KR) and Jeffrey Reyes (ESCO PH)

For our ESCO Feb/March 2018 Issue, we took some time to ask our ESCO Team from Singapore, Philippines and South Korea to share their experiences at the Integrated Systems Europe 2018, the largest AV trade show in the world which was held at Amsterdam, Netherlands from February 6 – 9, 2018.

To start off, care to share your experience of Amsterdam! or what people describe “The City of Bikes”?

A wonderful one, indeed! We were able to loosen up our feet after spending most of our day in the skies traveling from Asia. Despite our busy schedule, we made time to visit some of the tourist spots before the ISE event. We visited the Vincent Van Gogh museum, appreciating artworks and the architectural aspects of the museum. Afterwards, we explored the city, cruising through the famous canals of what people usually describe “Venice of the North”. Just by walking through the narrow streets allows you to feel the unique vibe of what living in Amsterdam feels like. Bikes were stationed all over the streets, canals were everywhere we look, and the famous architectural design of the buildings never fail to amaze us. Amsterdam, in our opinion, is a busy yet relaxing city to visit. Amsterdam has much to offer with plenty of things happening at the same time - street markets every corner, a large mass of people all around (due to fellow ISE attendees, perhaps?) and yet you can still find a quieter spot - a coffee shop or a restaurant to just grab a pint of beer with your friends (for us, with ESCO & GPA Family) and just savor what the place has to offer.

Now onto business, your main purpose is to attend the famous Integrated Systems Europe, how was it? Also, as part of the Global Presence Alliance, can you share a peek of what’s to come?

This year has been a milestone for the AV world. There is an influx of new players that are setting the bar higher - a particular reason why we visit the ISE every year. Looking out for different manufacturers to complement with our existing and future solutions is one of the biggest benefits that we can get during the event. Further, being part of the GPA also allows for meetings/workshops to be conducted where our partners and friends from all over the world gather and share valuable ideas and solutions. Not only do we learn different cultures from around the world, we also get to learn all the best practices from different organizations in which we can apply to improve our daily operations and ensure that our clients get the best. To add to that, we are excited to have the newly appointed GPA Executive Director, Byron Tarry and GPA Board President, John Bailey who will bring the GPA to new heights. GPA meetings stressed on implementing strict compliance to deliver high quality standards to our global/local clients.

To visit all the booths around ISE for 4 consecutive days was an impossible feat. With over 1,200 exhibitors offering different types of solutions, we were forced to handpick a few to look at. Networking throughout the day was essential for us, as was looking for new and exciting technologies and forging new partnerships.

To deliver quality service to our clients, we must continue to aim for the best and most efficient way in doing each procedure in our organization. Apart from the knowledge that we get from each GPA sessions, we aim to introduce new and innovative solutions to our clients. In this highly competitive market, it is imperative that we provide the latest solutions while forging partnerships to ensure that our clients will be able to reap the benefits. As a System Integrator, we are delighted to witness first-hand the upcoming solutions that shapes up the tomorrow’s world.

As you have mentioned, what are some of the game-changing innovations you have witnessed on the event? Can you share some of your insights?

A lot, actually. One good example that caught our eye is the transparent OLED which changes the game in digital signage. We have seen a lot for brands that showcased interactive board with minimal latency that could compete with bigger brands. There is also audio equipment tailored to cater to different types of environment, whether it be a corporate, retail, home or etc.

These types of products help us in providing cost effective solutions without compromising the quality that we stand for as ESCO. As we venture into more types of solutions, we have witnessed potential partners that we can work with. Attending these conferences enhances our knowledge and expertise in the future solutions we plan to provide.

Last but not least, ready to showcase these new solutions to clients?

At ESCO, we were born ready.

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