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Integrate your Surface Hub with ESCO

The Microsoft Surface Hub has been launched in Singapore for almost a year. It is a collaboration device designed to make discussions more interactive and engaging. It can be integrated into any space or room where discussion can take place and the only requirement for it to be integrated into the network is an Office 365 subscription or an on-premise Exchange and Lync/Skype for Business server.

The Microsoft Surface Hub helps to eliminate the time spent and the list of equipment required to prepare for a meeting. With just a single touch, a meeting can be started. With the Microsoft Surface Hub, discussions will no longer be the same. A colleague overseas can be invited to a meeting with just a Skype away. The Microsoft Surface Hub also works beautifully with other solutions and equipment. It can be integrated on existing microphones, speakers and cameras, offering more flexibility to users.

ESCO is one of the leading Microsoft Surface Hub integrator and we have certified engineers to integrate it into your office. To date, ESCO has sold a substantial amount of Surface Hub and of course, completed several Microsoft Surface Hub integration. We speak to our in-house dedicated specialist, R, on integrating the Microsoft Surface Hub.

Have you received any feedbacks from our clients on the Microsoft Surface Hub upon successful integration?

R: There have been very positive reviews from clients and they have been excited in having the surface hub. Our clients have praised it as It is simple to use and at the same time a breakthrough in the collaboration technology. Meetings have been made easier and more accessible.

How would you describe the Microsoft Surface Hub in layman terms? R: It is a Multi-touch Collaboration Device, developed by Microsoft. Think of it as a Computer/Video Conferencing/Whiteboard all in one device.

Why do you recommend the Microsoft Surface Hub? R: It eliminates the time to prepare all the separate equipment required for video conferencing. In my opinion, it is one of the best smart board in terms of fluidity and responsiveness of the pen and the touch back. Furthermore, it is easy to integrate with Microsoft technology which offers a wide range of solutions and applications for you to work with.

What would you say to our potential clients about why ESCO should be your preferred vendor for integration?

R: ESCO is the leading MSSH integrator for Singapore and we have a group of Microsoft Surface Hub certified engineers to integrate it into your company. We will take the extra steps from delivering the product to configuring it and guarantee it that you will not regret choosing ESCO as the preferred choice for MSSH.

For more information on the Microsoft Surface Hub, do reach out to our team at

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