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Kudos to Sujith

ESCO’s continued process of growth and development

ESCO is committed to continuing education to stay relevant and abreast with the latest developments in our industry to ensure that excellence will be delivered. We are a group of engineers, designers, trouble-shooters, programming language enthusiasts and we understand that technologies are constantly changing.

Hence, it is important for us to develop and keep up with changes to ensure that our customers get the best. Regular trainings are in place to ensure that our team are familiar with the latest developments in our industry.

Most recently, our team were certified for the following courses:

Crestron NVX Design and Networking

Crestron Avia DSP Integration

ClearOne Professional Audio Conferencing Product Specialist

ClearOne Pro Audio Technical Specialist

Prince2 Practitioner

AMX CC101 to CC106

As Jack Welch aptly put it, ‘An organization’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive edge’. With ESCO, you can be sure that you will be getting the best through our committed team.


Sujith Sivaram is the Executive Director of ESCO Pte Ltd in Singapore who recently attained his Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) Certification. Being the Executive Director of the company, it is not required for him to take up the certification, but Sujith went ahead with the training and got certified. We congratulate Sujith for his effort and are curious what motivated him to take up CTS.

“Learning together with my colleagues is what motivated me to take up CTS. Over the past few years, ESCO have been emphasizing the importance of building competence through training and encouraging all our staff to upgrade their skills. This year, Dennis Tan, our Director of Technical Services, put a lot of impetus on CTS Training and set out to train the team himself. It was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity. On my own, it would have been an uphill task and I would not have been able to do it so quickly.”

SI Asia wondered if it was necessary for Sujith to take the course in his role as Executive Director. “The role of the ED in every industry has evolved and the more the ED's are equipped with industry knowledge, the better it will be. Taking up the course has enhanced my understanding and appreciation of the technology, the engineering efforts that go into solution delivery and of course the financial implications.”

On the training and passing on his first attempt Sujith said, “It was an intensive crash course that was interactive and a lot of fun; at the same time one that required a lot of effort as I was starting from a zero technical base.

“I was fortunate to pass at the first attempt. After I clicked ‘submit’, it was with bated breath that I looked at the screen for my results as I thought the exam was quite trying. I am happy that the efforts had paid off and I left the hall with the same excitement of a secondary student.”

Needless to mention, it was the lack of hands-on technical experience that posed as the main challenge for Sujith but he managed to do it.

Extracted from Systems Integration Asia Magazine Dec/Jan

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