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ESCO Office Inauguration - Leading by example

Clients, partners, and the ESCO Philippines team gathered to celebrate the inauguration of the new ESCO office located at Unit 2601 Antel 2000 corporate center, Makati City. The event was attended by Mr. Eric Lim, Chairman and owner of ESCO, and Mr. Sujith Sivaram, Executive Director, who both took time to visit from Singapore and be part of the wonderful celebration.

ESCO Pte. Ltd. has grown throughout 9 years of providing the best AV solutions in the country, acquiring clients in many industries including real estate developers, hospitals, banks and etc. At the start of the year, the company needed to move into the bigger office as the team grew to 40 people. A sign of bigger things to come.

Mr. Jeffrey Reyes, Managing Director of ESCO Philippines, lead the ribbon cutting along with Mr. Eric and Mr. Sujith, followed by the office blessing. Afterwards, Mr. Reyes thanked the partners, clients and the staff for continuous support and loyalty. While Mr. Eric and Mr. Sujith also had brief remarks, congratulating the Philippines team on the huge milestone.

A Workplace Innovation

ESCO wanted its new home to be a reflection of what they can provide. As an AV Solutions provider, ESCO fosters innovation which can be seen in every part of the workplace.

For instance, the company board room is integrated with advanced technology in Video Conferencing, Room Scheduling, Control System, and Audio. Video Conferencing is powered by Logitech Ptz Pro, a premium HD Video Camera built for professional quality video. It features a 1080p video with 90-degree field of view, 260-degree pan and 130-degree tilt, promoting a clear and wide angle that perfectly captures the entire room.

A Crestron 7" Room Scheduling Touch Screen-Black Smooth is mounted on the wall outside of the room that allows anyone to see at-a-glance if a room is available or in use, and also view information about the meetings. One could reserve open time slots on the spot via touch screen.

Traditional cubicles were replaced by an open desk layout to promote open communication and teamwork around the place. Different departments can easily communicate with everyone, helping them collaborate on projects and make decisions quicker. 2 huddle rooms were also placed for the purpose of company meetings and video conferencing which is also equipped with the same features with the board room.

LG, one of ESCO partners, also provided four 55’ inch TV designed as a videowall that can be showcased for client visits and company events.

It was a great time for ESCO to connect with clients and celebrate the night filled with laughter and joy. Discussing future partnerships, projects and just enjoying the night. Some also expressed their thoughts of working with ESCO.

“During our board meetings, I always insist to go for ESCO. It was non-negotiable for me” - told by one of the clients. These statements really show what ESCO stands for. Excellence Delivered.

With a team of 40, the company is just starting to expand its distribution and will continue to grow. As developments continue to prosper around the country, more opportunities lie ahead for ESCO.

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