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ESCO @ GPA Annual Summit 2017

ESCO attended the Global Presence Alliance’s (GPA) 2017 annual summit which was held in beautiful Salvador, Brazil. It was attended by around 50 members from all over the globe.

The summit covered global deployment strategies centered around simplification, standardization and scalability. Member companies also presented various case study projects from their respective regions and shared the methodology of their deployments. All of this with the of aim of being able to present the value the GPA can bring to global customers.

As per every GPA summit, AV Vendors were present and there were insightful discussions centered around industry trends, product evolution and global strategy.

ESCO’s GM Christopher Lim commented: “The importance of being a part of the GPA cannot be overstated. Keeping up with technological advancement is only the first step, but understanding how other members engage with their customers is key to formulating a regional or global deployment strategy. “

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