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Beginners Guide: The Zoom Room experience

First, what’s Zoom Room?

The Zoom Room combines video conferencing, wireless content sharing and integrated audio into one easy-to-use and secure platform. Zoom Room features local and remote wireless content sharing, high quality video and audio conferencing with up to 200 interactive video participants, and integrations with calendaring systems that can be used in conference, huddle and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms.

For a Zoom Room setup, the following are required: TV/Monitor, Microphone, Camera, PC

ESCO is an authorized reseller of Zoom, a web service which enables web meetings and high definition video conferences on personal computers, mobile devices and other related products and services. With our experience in AV system integration, ESCO is well-positioned to assist with the integration of Zoom into office conferencing systems.

Last month, our team executed a Zoom Room installation, completed with AV integration. The project covered 11 rooms, based on 3 different kinds of setup, each equipped with Zoom Room.

The 3 different types of setup are,

  • Huddle Room

  • Meeting Room (mid-sized; 4-8 pax)

  • Boardroom


Huddle Rooms

The Huddle Rooms included a 55” tv and equipped with Logitech C930E camera. A Sennheiser SP 10 ML was included to facilitate discussions. Given its compact space, a sound bar was used for the speaker.

Essentially, Huddle Rooms are strategically small intimate spaces designed for the facilitation of quick and easy meetings. Today, Huddle Rooms are the way to go as it offers flexibility while empowering ideas and all at a lower cost, in comparison to a full-fledged meeting room. The setup as proposed here, with the introduction of Zoom Room, allows for small intimate meetings that are budget friendly and easy to use, making the most out of small spaces for big ideas.


Meeting Rooms

The Meeting Rooms are equipped with a 65” TV and also, the Logitech C930E camera. Taking the room size and functionality into consideration, a Revolabs FLX UC 1500, which comes with a built-in speaker served as the high-performance conference phone and USB audio device.



The boardroom can accommodate up to 30 pax and in consideration of its size and intended function, it is equipped with 2 82”TV and also 4 65” TV strategically placed at the sides to ensure that users are able to view the contents shared regardless of their seating position in the room. For camera, the AVer CAM520, a professional-grade USB PTZ camera optimized to deliver an exceptional video communication experience was used.

For microphone, the ClearOne Beamforming Mic Array was chosen for its clear audio pickup and its acoustic intelligence – echo and noise cancellation properties. The professional audio DSP, Converge Pro 2-128 was also incorporated into the AV design of the room. Further, the Converge Pro 2-128 works beautifully with the Beamforming Mic Array. For the audio aspects, ceiling speakers were used, specifically 8 units of Crestron Saros IC6T were installed, completed with JBL CSA 1120Z amplifiers.


For all 3 setups, there is a mini PC coupled with a tablet that served as a control for users. Content sharing is made possible with ImageWell.

The Zoom Room provides a convenient, easy and compact setup that will address any video-conferencing needs regardless of the room setting; conference room, huddle and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms. It eliminates the need for multiple equipment and is compatible with Windows/Mac. Further, the Zoom Room offers users flexibility in their choices. Compatibility for Zoom is not limited, users can choose from a range of cameras, microphones, etc., instead of being restricted to any specific brand. Moreover, users are able to access and join a meeting anything and anywhere using their mobile devices. Any updates are easy and convenient and can be updated remotely too.

To find out more, do check out for more information on our Zoom Room packages. All packages are fully customizable for your needs and requirements.

If you are keen on having a Zoom Room, do contact our friendly team at who will be more than happy to assist you.

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