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HuddleCam USB2Air - Magic In The Air

HuddleCam has just released the “USB2AIR” USB wireless extender. This tiny piece of equipment is possibly another revolutionary product and its simplicity makes it even more amazing. Basically, it is a USB wireless extender what means we can connect any PC peripheral via wireless, and this creates endless possibilities when designing a system.

One approach could be the wireless presentation. Even though there are solutions in the market, the USB2AIR provides a much simpler way to do presentations wirelessly from your PC/laptop. All we need is a Video USB adapter connected to our display or projector and one set of USB2AIR. In short, it is a Plug-And-Play solution and hence does not require any login, any app on the PC or any code to start any wireless presentation.

Another possible approach is the connection of USB Cameras and Speakerphones using a software based conferencing solution. Through this, users can bring their own PC/laptop into a huddle room or meeting room enabled with USB camera and speakerphone. Users are only required to plug-in the USB2AIR Host device. Without any physical cable, the PC can be connected to the Room Display, Camera and Speakerphone. To start their own conferencing, users can incorporate software solution like Zoom, Skype for Business, etc. and make use of the room facilities to enhance the VC experience.

Also, we can connect a touch screen or an electronic whiteboard to our PC/Laptop using the USB2AIR. With this, we can also have the touch capabilities via wireless so equipment are not tied to a physical cable or location within the room.

Now, imagine the Huddle room or Meeting Room mentioned above but using a touch screen. Users will be able to interact with the content shared on a videoconferencing session via the touch screen enhancing the collaboration experience. And all this is done without any physical cables running around. Getting rid of the cables can be a big deal, as this means the arrangement of the table and displays can be changed anytime as it is in the air where the magic happens.

We are not limited to the cases we explored above as this USB2AIR can virtually work with any USB device so our imagination is the limit to the possibilities it can offers.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives and we will be glad to share more.

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