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Why Are Marketers Turning To Technology?

How can these people reach you? What can grab the attention of your potential customers? Who exactly are your customers? How do you stand out from your competitors?

Businesses are always on the lookout for raising brand awareness, increasing business leads and generating revenue. If you have asked yourself any of those questions, you must either be of management level in your corporation, be a marketing person, or just genuinely interested in improving your corporation's exposure.

Not long ago, marketers and advertisers were placing a large bulk of their budget into print media (think banners, poster, flyers, get the idea), which is relatively sufficient for their requirements then. Fast forward to today, where everyone is so reliant on technology, it seem unwise if marketers do not keep up with the latest innovations to stand out from the crowd. Yes, you have your social media, your website, your ecommerce, but so does everybody else. I was at this sushi chain restaurant the other day and I entered my order using the tablet provided. The welcome screen asked if I would like a drink first (I do not think I was given the option to select otherwise).To move on to the menu, I had to choose a drink – matcha, in this case. While the ordering process was normal, nothing unlike any digital menu in restaurants, the one thing that stood out for me was the way my order arrived at my table. It came out on a little train on a track right next to me. If you work as a waiter professionally, I am sorry but I fear for your job security.

From a business perspective, this approach helps to cut down overheads in the long run. Back to the marketing perspective, this is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience for diners which differentiates them from other sushi chain. One step short from having actual robot waiters (which is not new anymore by the way).

Data analysis is crucial for any marketer, understanding your customers' data and behavior will help you better plan for campaigns that speaks directly to them. Skincare giant SK-II and video ad tech company Unruly Media launched a new content testing and targeting capability to analyse the emotional impact of videos ads. With this, only content that are emotionally engaging will be presented to audiences. The days are numbered for random irrelevant ads or ads that are does not speak to the emotional needs of their clients. While we are at the topic of marketing and technology, ESCO is able to assist with your marketing needs by leveraging on technology. For an example, do check out ESCO's Pernod Ricard project here. This project was essentially a Martell Showcase for their exclusive launch of the Martell Cordon Bleu Extra. It was a first for ESCO, having to incorporate AV solutions with a photo booth that could link up to social media platforms.

ESCO also completed several projects on digital signages in various shopping malls; from interactive content to directory sharing and other commercial information meant to draw the attention of visitors. For example - Cajun on Wheels, JEM (videowall) and JEM (Digital Signage).

For more information, do check out our Project Reference here or do contact our friendly team at if you would like to explore options to suit your marketing needs.

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