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Jaquar Singapore Install

ESCO has been appointed by Jaquar, a global leader in complete bathing solution, for their latest showroom in Singapore. The showroom exhibited some of Jaquar group's most exquisite product line as well as products from other bathing solution brands such as Artize.

About the client Jaquar group was built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world class products. Today, Jaquar group caters to premium and luxury bathroom segments with Jaquar and Artize focusing on residential and commercial sectors respectively across the globe.

With the intention of complementing Jaquar's stylish products, ESCO proposed various innovative solutions for their showroom. The result was a modern showroom with integrated technology that complement and highlight the products.


Videowall installation has always been one of ESCO's expertise, and there is no questioning on our abilities to integrate it to any environment our client desires. In this case, the Videowall is located in the middle of the showroom together with Artize Showertronic products in the vicinity. A Showertronics video is looped on the 3X3 videowall to entice visitors to explore this range of products around them, providing an all rounded sensory experience.

Interactive tabletop display

As our client carries multiple products, ESCO proposed an interactive table for visitors to browse the electronic catalogue. Gone are the days of flipping through thick catalogues in search of your desired faucets. An interactive screen is embedded into a bar table, which contains various content of Jaquar for visitors to explore.

Digital Signage

At the consultation area, where there are sofa seats for our client to entertain their guests, ESCO installed a display for our client to easily select relevant content of the product they wish to present to their guests. This display is wirelessly connected to an iPad which serves as a portable controller for our system. With this, our client no longer need to fiddle with TV remote while presenting their products.

Many a time, the requirement of ventilation vents for electronic appliances are frequently missed out, and such is the case of Jaquar. Our team of experienced engineers rose up to this challenge at our client's approval and modified the existing furnishings to cater to our equipments. The ceilings in the showroom were also painted black. Due to the limited color selection of the speakers we proposed, ESCO improvised and painted them in the same color as the ceiling for the visual appeal. It is attention to little details like this that pleases our clients. Do you have a showroom or office space you want to spruce up after seeing this? Or do you see the potential of audio visual technology in your line of work but is unsure as to how you can integrate it? Feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory discussion to find out what ESCO can do for your business today! *Visit to the showroom is by invitation only.

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