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Enterprise Solutions

The only constant is change, this applies to the spaces we collaborate in as well. The working culture continuously evolve in the past decade and the demands for effective workspaces are expected to surge further. Journey with ESCO through modern spaces in today's workplace and uncover solutions by leading technology enablers. 

Workspace That Matters

In ESCO, we provide enterprise solutions suited to our clients need. We believe that having an effective workspace will help to enhance collaboration and communication. From phone booth to board rooms, ESCO is capable of deploying many different types of enterprise solutions tailored to our client's need. 

Phone Booth

Working with partners specialising in private working pods and phone booths, ESCO is adapt at creating private areas for the zero disturbance you need in from open office. Every detail in the pod is carefully considered to ensure minimal audio disturbance and maximum usability.   

Huddle Room

Huddle Rooms are is a small meeting space that is designed to empower people to meet quickly and easily. These rooms are great for holding meetings with up to five people. In ESCO, we ensure that the huddle rooms are equipped with the latest video conferencing solutions, to facilitate better collaboration in a small confined space. 

Medium Room

Imagine having a meeting with more than 8 people but there is no space to hold a meeting more effectively. The solution to this is to have a medium meeting room that enables a bigger group to collaborate easily, thus increasing efficiency. In ESCO, our capabilities does not only limit to small meeting rooms, we are able to design and deploy audio visual solutions to your medium room. 

Large Room

When it comes to large rooms, they are slightly bigger than medium room and would be ideal for meetings that has more than 10 people. Unstable audio and speaker is no longer a hindrance to holding virtual meetings in the large rooms as ESCO ensures that these large rooms are equipped with the latest audio visual equipment. 

Board Room

Having Board rooms in a working space or office is important for many MNCs to hold important meetings that requires decision making. In ESCO, we ensure that the board rooms are equipped with the latest audio visual equipments to facilitate effective collaboration and decision making process. 

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