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4 Tips on How You can Zoom like a Pro During Important Zoom Meetings

The recent coronavirus pandemic has shocked the world and affected many businesses, regardless of how big or small are they. The pandemic has caused massive plunge in many industries causing these industries to lose a huge fraction of their profits. Nevertheless, through these tough times, businesses are working hard to continue to operate as usual, with employees working from home as offices and workplaces are closed due to the pandemic.

Since most employees are starting to work from home, most meetings are now held on Zoom, a video conferencing software that enables up to 100 participants per meeting. Zoom software are user friendly and enables employees to hold virtual meetings and communicate with one another easily. These virtual meetings are equally important as face to face meetings that are usually held in the office and thus, it is important for employees to be well presented and professional in these types of virtual settings in order to avoid any unflattering moments caught during these meetings. With that being said, we have gathered 4 tips for employees to Zoom like a Pro during important Zoom meetings:

1) Keep your laptop to your eye level and sit 2 feet away from the laptop.

When preparing for a Zoom video call meeting, ensure that you have your laptop or computer to your eye level. In order to do so, you can use books or even boxes that you can find in your house and stack them up. This will prevent you from having bad posture and also any lower back pain. Also, you need to ensure that you are sitting 2 feet away or an arm’s length from the laptop to prevent yourself from having your face too near to the screen. This is also to ensure that your colleagues and clients are able to see your body language which is important when everyone is connecting with each other virtually.

2) Ensure your workstation has good lighting.

‘’We can’t see you, it’s too dark!’’ Imagine starting a Zoom meeting and this is the first sentence you hear from your colleague and clients. You then proceed to find a corner in your house for the perfect lighting. The 5 minutes you spent to find a place in your house with good lighting have caused time lost for your Zoom meeting and leading to inefficiency and unprofessionalism. Before the Zoom meeting start, ensure that you have a place where there is a good light source. You can either use a desk lamp or sit near a window that has a good amount of sunlight coming into your house. With good lighting, your colleagues and clients are able to see and communicate with you virtually.

3) Check your background.

When preparing for a Zoom video call meeting, one of the important factors to take note of is the surrounding of your house. You need to ensure that your background is not in a mess. Another alternative is whereby you can use the virtual background function that is found in Zoom that enables you to have a nice background without having to worry about the mess you have in your working area. Zoom allows you to have a customize your virtual background to your liking. In important meetings that you have with your colleagues and clients, it would be great to have a background depicting any work area such as an office or even a nice living room. You should avoid using virtual background that are meant for laughs in order to be professional.

4) Wear appropriate clothing and look presentable during your meetings.

Working from home has made us comfortable wearing our pyjamas, oversized t-shirt and even tank tops. However, it is still important to look presentable during a Zoom meeting with your colleagues and clients because it does shows how professional you are when it comes to work. Before the meeting start, ensure that you have a nice shirt on and have your hair done so as to not scare your colleagues and clients with your just-got-out-of-bed face. Being presentable shows that you are serious about the meeting and are ready to get some work done.

With all the tips being mentioned, you can now Zoom like a pro without having to worry about being unprofessional when you are working at home. If you are still new to Zoom or would like to get Zoom licenses, do contact ESCO at for more information.



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